Rich Watson talks at ACORD’s Best Digital Customer Experience Symposium

Rich Watson talks at ACORD's Best Digital Customer Experience Symposium March 8th, 2018 London It was a pleasure to attend and present at the Best Digital Customer Experience Symposium

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Digital general insurance shopping is a highly competitive landscape, rapidly shifting to meet dynamic consumer demands and preferences. UK insurance shoppers have increasingly turned to online sources of information while making their purchasing decisions. In fact, 80 percent of motor insurance shoppers engage in research online, with 45 percent making the final purchase online.

Clearly, providing an effective and compelling digital customer experience is crucial. ACORD conducted an extensive study, identifying and screening over one thousand carriers, brokers and aggregators, and evaluating more than one hundred criteria across more than ten customer segments. Using a proprietary methodology, we assessed insurance sites based on measurable criteria around user experience, functionality, and underlying strategy.

At this symposium, ACORD will be presenting a full analysis of the study and its implications, and engage participants in further discussion on digital customer experience. We will also publish this information in an accompanying white paper.